Exercise whenever you like with our Ozebuddy App

Easy to use App – to use anytime you like

  1. Step One – Select the right Fitness level
  2. Register and pay
  3. Meals will be matched to your dietary requirements
  4. Set up your profile diary, photo, sync with your wearable device if you have one
  5. Select work out programs and do in the comfort of your home, work or anywhere you like
  6. Supportive articles are available to help support you
  7. Online trainers, join the Ozebuddy community and find members with the same goals as you

To learn more about our App download our fact sheet.

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Every Day Plans

If you like to work out every day at your own pace, there are three different fitness levels to allow you to work out.

$27 for three months 90 days – 30 cents a day.

8 Week Challenges

If you like to kick start your wellness yet time is difficult, our 8 week challenge is a great way to start. You can select workouts based on your fitness level and do them at a suitable time to you.

$60 for 8 weeks – less than $1.10 per day

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